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A Special Guide to Cost Segregation Depreciation and the Dental Practice

This article is a quick tutorial of what cost segregation depreciation is. The basic concept of it is that it is a quick write-off for real estate related assets.
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Special Request Dental Practice Valuations: Their Purpose and Their Cost

There are many sources for dental practice valuations prepared for a buyer or a seller of a dental practice to assist in determining the asking price, size of the practice, background information, and infrastructure, among other important details. When it comes to a special request for a valuation, the training and expertise for the preparation becomes one of a much lesser number who are able to approach this type of engagement responsibly.
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"How do I Choose a Dental CPA?"

Henry Schein Practice Transitions News Mobile Version, June Post Memorial Day Edition, 2014
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How to Attract More Buyers to Your Dental Practice

How does one feel after successfully marketing the practice with a good practice broker and finally finding the buyer that is the right fit for the patients and staff...
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The Importance of the Dental Practice Valuation during Divorce Proceedings

During divorce proceedings, the presentation of the dentistís assets will be required for inspection by the attorney and expert evaluator representing the adversarial spouse. The judge will be reviewing the dentistís balance sheet as well. It is probable that the most valuable asset owned by the dentist is his or her dental practice...
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Divorce/Partnership Disputes and Goodwill Allocations

A valuation is a necessary tool to be used to support the position taken by the parties in a dispute. Because valuations are considered appraisals similar in nature to the appraisal of a home, there is some flexibility in the methodology used in the preparation and with the formulas used to come to a conclusion of value.
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Contract Disputes Among Partners - Goodwill Allocation Awareness

An attorney is typically paid a large amount of money to prepare a partnership agreement for a dental practice. The dentists want the best attorney available to do so. There should be a lot of the partners' time spent in explaining the detail of what the dentists do and what each of their responsibilities will be to the attorney, because most attorneys do not have a lot of experience in working with dentists. The buyout provision is especially important because...
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Dental Practice Goodwill: Is it Personal or an Asset of the Practice?

Does it Matter?

What difference does it make if a dentist owns a practice, and there is a question of how much goodwill value is attributed to the practice or directly to the dentist on a personal level? Of course there are income tax considerations that weigh heavily on how the allocation is resolved, but there is an additional consequence that may be of more dire circumstances than the tax result of the reporting entity.
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Is Goodwill Enough?

This article was listed in the December 2011 issue of Dental Products Report magazine, as "One of the Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2011." The article was originally published in DPR in the November 2010 issue.
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